Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Night Portraits at Tugu Jogja

It's a very long time from my first post on this blog.
I am busy with my on job training last month so I didn't have time to blog.
Now in the middle of working on my report, I took time to post my first photowork.
Well..the adventure has just begun.

The photo hunt was done at Tugu Jogja.
It was pretty hard to get the light enough at the night, because I used the film with ISO 200.
So I had to set the shutter at the low speed to get enough light , and I used tripod to reduce shaky effect.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello world.
I am a newbie at photography specialy at analog phography.
I create this blog to post my photowork and share it.
My gear is Canon FTb QL 1971. With lens FD 50mm.
It used to my father when he was young, and now it's mine.

Courtesy: Febrian Photowork  

Check it out my adventure!